About TradingView platform
TradingView Platform - Get a Clear Picture of Your Data
TradinView is considered a popular platform as well as a social network with technical and analytical specialization intended for traders and non-large investors.

What is TradingView and why it's a convenient way to get a clear picture of your data

Today, the site opens a large functionality, an important place in it is given to analytical content of a visual nature, market indicators and tips, as well as trading. With it, it is convenient to turn data into useful information.

The vast majority of TradinView tools are offered to traders for free, but there are a number of paid subscription options with much more extensive functionality. More than 8 million people visit the portal on a daily basis.

Comlpex platform TradinView is a popular provider of interactive services on various trading assets - cryptocurrencies, stocks, financials and other indexes. Tradingview is also a social network for players, offering an opportunity for more than just messaging. Here everyone can find something according to their interests, from simple information for beginners, to advice from professionals and analytics.

Try TradingView for free

This is an interesting offer from the platform, which is simply impossible to refuse. Every newly registered user can become a PRO-user for a month. The list of this account is still free of charge and includes many subscriptions, which will later be provided on a paid basis. Among the most interesting of them:

interaction with 2-8 charts in one window;
combining lines by instrument or interval;
saving user's calculations and analytics that he/she performed on the chart in the history;
comparative analysis of various assets;
absence of intrusive or any other advertising;
no restrictions on the number of indicators;
possibility to work with any timeframes;
disclosure of own calculations and ideas;
application of the working version of the platform in both standard and mobile versions;
interaction in chat with other visitors or technical support service;
possibility to study the news feed updated in real time.

The cost of tariffs is indicated in dollars and varies depending on the functionality and features. You can familiarize yourself with them already on the official TradingView website.
Benefits of TradingView:

- More than 100+ built-in technical indicators, which are not available in MT4.

- Trading systems simulator and the ability to connect TradingView demo account to the real account of partner brokers.

- Possibility to create your own indicators based on the platform language.

- Access to real charts of more than 100 thousand assets of all types of markets.

- Unique author's indicators with description and practical analysis of strategies.

- Interactive charts with convenient scaling.
TradingView disadvantages:

- Free test mode after registration is valid for 30 days.

- There are questions about the work of some indicators.

- A trader needs to search for a signal in TradingView and open a deal in the broker's terminal. And here the problem arises in the difference between the charts of the platform and the terminal.

TradingView allows traders to create their own trading solutions through cutting-edge technology and advanced charts

TradingView is an ideal simulator for developing and testing complex trading systems on different types of assets. No other platform or service has such a large number of technical indicators and graphical tools. The combination of the platform functionality with a social network of traders allows you to launch broadcasts of trading and the work of trading systems in the online community for further discussion. TradingView is also a reference for charts: discrepancies between TradingView charts and broker are a reason to ask questions to the broker.
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